Non-Emergency Medical Transport

Welcome to MEDVEE, a non-emergency medical transport company. We specialize in providing safe, reliable, and comfortable transportation services for individuals who require non-emergency medical assistance. Our services are designed to cater to the specific needs of patients, ensuring they receive the care and support they deserve during their journey. Here are some of the key services we offer:


Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

We provide door-to-door transportation services for patients who do not require emergency medical attention but need assistance getting to and from medical appointments, hospitals, clinics, or other healthcare facilities. Our trained and compassionate drivers ensure a smooth and comfortable ride.

Wheelchair Transportation

For individuals who require wheelchair accessibility, we offer specialized vehicles equipped with lifts or ramps to safely and comfortably transport patients in wheelchairs. Our drivers are trained in assisting with wheelchair transfers and securing the wheelchair during the journey.


Stretcher Transportation

We understand that some patients may require transportation while lying down on a stretcher. Our company offers professional stretcher transportation services, ensuring patients are securely and comfortably transported to their desired destination, whether it’s a hospital, rehabilitation center, or home.

Elderly and Disabled Transportation

We offer specialized transportation services for elderly individuals and people with disabilities. Our drivers are trained to assist with mobility challenges and ensure a comfortable experience for passengers with special needs.


Sometimes you just need a ride

While our primary focus is on providing transportation services for medical purposes, we also offer non-medical trips to cater to a wider range of transportation needs.

At Medvee our non-medical transportation services are designed to provide reliable and comfortable transportation for individuals who require assistance or prefer not to drive themselves. Our drivers are professional, courteous, and committed to ensuring your safety and satisfaction throughout the journey. Please feel free to contact us for more information or to schedule a medical or non-medical trip with our NEMT company.

Below are the various services we provide for non-medical trips:

Local Transportation

Our company offers convenient and reliable transportation services for local trips within the community. Whether you need a ride to a social event, shopping center, restaurant, or any other non-medical destination, our drivers are available to assist you.

Airport Transportation

If you require transportation to or from the airport for personal or business travel, our NEMT company can provide reliable airport transfer services. We ensure punctuality, comfort, and a hassle-free experience, allowing you to start or end your trip on a positive note.

Social Outings

We understand the importance of maintaining an active and fulfilling social life. Our drivers are available to take you to social outings, such as visits to friends and family, cultural events, recreational activities, or any other non-medical gatherings you wish to attend.

Shopping Trips

Our transportation services extend to shopping trips, where our drivers can assist you with traveling to malls, grocery stores, retail outlets, or any other shopping destinations of your choice. We provide a helping hand with carrying your purchases and ensure a comfortable journey.

Errand Assistance

If you have errands to run, such as banking, post office visits, or picking up prescriptions, our NEMT company can provide transportation services to help you complete your tasks efficiently. Our drivers are available to assist with any necessary mobility support.

Social Services Transportation

We understand that accessing social services and community resources is crucial for many individuals. Our company offers transportation services to help you reach various social service organizations, government offices, counseling centers, and other community resources.

Special Events and Occasions

If you have a special event or occasion, such as a wedding, birthday celebration, or religious ceremony, our NEMT company can provide transportation services to ensure you arrive at your destination comfortably and on time.

Group Outings

We offer transportation services for group outings and events. Whether you are planning a day trip with friends, attending a social club gathering, or organizing a group activity, our company can accommodate your transportation needs.